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Secured Media Block for projection & display systems

intoPIX's programmable JPEG2000 Decoders, i.e. decryption-decoding, watermarking and encryption, together with video I/O interfaces, system control and system interfaces are perfect for high quality cinema projection.

  • Single Chip 
  • DCI compliant (JPEG 2000 Part 1 Amd 1) decoding & beyond DCI / SMPTE 21 DC standards
  • 2K & 4K resolution 
  • High Frame Rates up to 120 fps 
  • Bitrates from 250Mbps up to 1Gbps 
  • Direct interface with Forensic Marking 
  • Smart DDR Management (including sharing)
  • Suitable for 2D & 3D
  • High quality & error robustness
  • Additional security functions:
    • Watermarking interface
    • AES encryption management, RSA, HMAC-SHA1.
Discover our JPEG2000 CINEMA IP-cores

intoPIX AES security cores are specifically designed to meet Digital Cinema needs and demonstrate how efficient the IPX-AES can be. The modules specified are designed for Intel and Xilinx FPGAs and comply with the Digital Cinema Initiative requirement Specification V1.2. 

The IPX-AES-MD Multi-Assets Decryptor can manage multiple assets together (video, audio and subtitles) without AES core updates. This core is also capable of bypassing the decryption process for non-encrypted data. The IPX-AES-LE-M is optimized to manage uncompressed 2K movies and IPX-AES-LE H is optimized to manage 4K and HFR movies that requires a Link Encryption to re-encrypt the uncompressed data between the media block and the projector or display.

Discover our Security Cores (AES, RSA, HMAC-SHA1)

Digital Cinema Package (DCP) & IMF generation

JPEG2000 for DCP Mastering

intoPIX delivers the best-in-class Cinema JPEG2000 Encoders. It enables you to generate your DCP at the speed of light. Our JPEG2000 Encoders support resolutions up to 4K, 12bit, XYZ & JPEG2000 Cinema profiles, with Single core up to 120fps can be achieved with 2K and 30fps with 4K. The cores are so small that you can also instantiate multiple cores in the same FPGA to achieve unbeatable performances. Providing up to 3 rate allocation modes, our encoder can also be combined with your own rate allocation strategy if you are looking for a custom way to accelerate the JPEG2000 coding.

JPEG2000 for IMF Mastering (app2, app2e, app4)

intoPIX delivers the best-in-class JPEG2000 Encoders and Decoders, specifically designed to generate and convert IMF App2 Studio Profile, IMF App2E Studio Profile & IMF App4 Cinema Mezzanine. It enables you to generate and convert your J2K files at the speed of light. Our JPEG2000 Encoders / Decoders support the Broadcast profile with lossy & lossless mode and can be extended up to 16bit per color. The cores are so small that you can instantiate multiple cores in the same FPGA to achieve unbeatable performances.

Discover our Cinema Encoders
Discover our HD Encoders & Decoders for IMF
Discover our Lossless Encoders & Decoders for IMF
Discover our 4K Encoders & Decoders for IMF

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