intoPIXのソルーションは、最高レベルの画像処理および圧縮インテリジェンスとハードウェアおよびソフトウェアの最適化を統合し、よりスマートなビデオおよび画像処理システムの構築を可能にします。intoPIX のテクノロジーが対応できる代表的なアプリケーションをご紹介します。


intoPIX enables manufacturers to create competitive solutions for broadcasters to produce, transfer and edit live content with lossless quality and with a simplified infrastructure whether it is an HD, an 4K or even an 8K workflow ; whether it is in a LAN, over the WAN or to the CLOUD.


intoPIX solutions enable efficient transmission of video between the AR/VR/MR sources and the head-mounted display enabling an increase in resolution, frame rates and image quality and removing the physical link, all without any latency.


intoPIX provides the best-secured viewing experience providing key image processing and security technologies for Digital Cinema, including DCI and FIPS-compliant JPEG2000 & encryption technologies. These technologies are keys in the design of Digital Cinema Projection, Mastering, or Distribution systems.

​ProAV over IP

Pro-AVに最適化された超低遅延圧縮ソルーションにより、1GbE や 10GbE ネットワークを介して、より高解像度でより多くのビデオストリームを伝送できます。HDから4K、さらには8Kまで。


intoPIX offers a range of solutions for 8K workflows and devices: camera, live streaming, live production, editing, recording, monitoring and displays ... We have built a large range of IP cores, software libraries and plugins that can be easily integrated into your 8K workflows. 


With JPEG2000 as a standard for Geographic Imagery Encoding, intoPIX's JPEG2000 FPGA cores are the optimal choice to build a solution for storing and transporting your satellite imagery.


Compress your data in monochrome, RAW CFA or RGB without any quality loss or latency for human or machine vision applications.


Reducing the number of cables or moving to wireless connectivity can restrict your video transport possibilities. intoPIX's innovative video compression solutions enable you to reduce bandwidth, and support higher resolution without losing quality and latency.

モバイル デバイスとディスプレイ

When screens are getting bigger, when power consumption and BOM needs to be kept under control, intoPIX innovative compressions are the ideal solutions for consumer electronics. Reduce memory bandwidth, simplifying connectivity.




画面が大きくなってきるとき、消費電力とBOMを管理する必要があるとき、 intoPIXの革新的な圧縮は家電のための理想的なソルーションです。メモリ帯域幅を減らし、接続を簡素化します。