June 8 - 14, 2024
    Las Vegas , Nevada
    Booth #C8363

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The most advanced JPEG XS codec!

IPMX Sub-system FPGA IP cores & integration AddOns

4K60 and 8K60 format with reliable picture quality over 1GbE or 2.5GbE.
• Any AMD® Xilinx, Altera® FPGA with extremely low power and tiny footprint.
• Microsecond Latency: less than 1 millisecond.
• Standard compliant: JPEG XS HIGH444, NEW HIGH420 & NEW FIP with TDC profile.
• Downscaler: Extract 1K, 2K from a 4K stream.
• Low power (ideal for POE).

Integration Addons:
• Fully integrated with the intoPIX IPX-SMPTE2110-22 RTP
Subsystem IP cores and optional IPX-AES encryption core
for HDCP.
• Compliant with the Adeas / Nextera SMPTE 2110 / IPMX
IP cores.

Advanced TicoXS FIP bandwith & network perfomances

NEW Error Concealment for robustness to packet losses available directly in the TicoXS FIP-EC codec.
4K HDR over wireless (Wifi-6, 60Ghz) < 750Mbps.
With reliable picture quality, zero latency <1ms. And Low power!
Titanium: Streaming IPMX, JPEG XS & SMPTE 2110


The Embedded Development Kit provides:
  • ARM64 SoC (ie Rockchip) package.
  • FPGA AdaptiveSoC (AMD-Xilinx ZU+) package.
using the IPX-SMPTE2110-22 FPGA Sub-system IP core.
  • Nvidia Jeston SoC package.
using the IPX-FastTicoXS Codec for Jetson GPU.

  • Support for IPMX with NMOS, ST2110-30 audio and ST2110-22 JPEG XS video.
  •  Easy integration with design examples to support for HD, 4K over 1GbE with an embedded device, running on Linux OS (*).

(*) Video performances vary according to the selected SoC.


The Software Development Kit provides:
  • VSF TR10 (IPMX) with ST2110-20 (uncompressed), -22 (JPEG XS), -30 (audio).
  • NMOS Discovery & Registration.
  • Integrated 1/2.5GbE RJ45 NICs or PCIe NIC cards support (*).
  • Any video format incl. HD, 4K, 8K.
  • Unparalleled quality in live, with intelligent JPEG XS bandwidth usage.
  • Leveraging embedded CPU, multi-processes, and discrete GPU.
  • Integration tools: SDI interfacing, ST2110-20 to -22 IP conversion, framework plugins.
  • Windows and Linux OS.

(*) External NIC cards to support high throughput ST2110-20.

4K / 8K IPMX over Gigabit Ethernet & Cat5E

Live interoperability demonstration of the internet Protocol Media Experience

The first-of-its-kind demo will be held at the AIMS Booth C8363, featuring networking equipment and hardware and software nodes running both IPMX and SMPTE ST 2110, the standards suite on which IPMX is based. The demonstration will also showcase gateways between IPMX and other protocols, developer kits, and elements of IPMX-enabled AV-over-IP workflows.


This demo will illustrate how different sources such as the Panasonic Connect AW-UE160 PTZ (JPEG XS), Adeas Nexteras FPGA core with new intoPIX TicoXS FIP (JXS TDC) cores, and the intoPIX TitaniumShow App can send streams to the intoPIX TitaniumViewer App via the NetGear AV GSM4212px IP Switch, maintaining perfect image quality with zero latency.


With this unique demo, we’re demonstrating the technical viability of IPMX in terms of multivendor interoperability!

IPMX Software Apps: TitaniumShow & TitaniumViewer

Create & Display !


  • User-friendly App that leverages flexible display configurations.
  • With video formats including HD, 4K, 8K & HFR.
  • Use a standard Windows PC with its 1G/2.5Gb integrated Ethernet interface.
  • Take advantage of intoPIX's smart and low latency JPEG XS capabilities.
  • Compliant & interoperable with IPMX VSFTR10 & SMPTE 2110-22 with embedded support of NMOS.


  • User-friendly App.
  • Use a standard Windows PC with its integrated 1G/2.5Gb Ethernet interface.
  • Monitor single to multiple IPMX (VSF TR10) Video, including uncompressed ST2110-20(*) and JPEG XS ST2110-22 streams, with ST2110-30 / AES67 audio.
  • Take advantage of intoPIX's smart and powerful JPEG XS codec capabilities.
  • Embedded support of NMOS to easily discover the available stream and connect.
  • Always with an extremely low latency.